TESLA aims to ensure that research helps us share best practice amongst our partnership. We engage in research to challenge pedagogical assumptions and to create innovative responses, raising quality and standards across our alliance and encouraging joint practice development.

We invite each of our member schools to identify a lead practitioner to act as their research champion within their own school, who will join our R, D & I network and ensure any commissioned research is co-ordinated between schools.

TESLA are working with our HEI partners to secure M-Level accreditation for R, D & I completed in school, to make Masters qualifications manageable for full-time teaching staff, and to ensure research work is relevant to individual career progression.

Project foci can be based on classroom, school, local or national priorities, making it relevant to any stage in your career.

TESLA Teaching School Alliance are currently contributing to several national research projects:

  • Closing the Gap
  • Engineering Habits of Mind
  • Lesson Study
  • Early Years Foundation

Report summaries of the research work that is conducted by Teaching School Alliance are available here, but full research briefs are available in our Alliance Partners Online Area.

If you are interested in becoming part of our network please contact us.