TESLA delivers exceptional quality training and professional development for newly qualified teachers and mentors across the south east.

Building on many years’ experience training new teachers: with TESLA, your NQT’s couldn’t be in better hands.

Whilst we already have a strong NQT programme based on years of experience and the latest research, we tailor our support to the needs of your school.

We provide phone and email support to headteachers, principals and induction tutors, give advice where NQTs are at risk of failure and advise on appropriate support packages, and monitor progress through documentation audits and school moderation visits.

Through our robust quality assurance framework based on the Teacher’s Standards, we are able to guide NQTs and their schools to successful completion of their induction.

Additionally, we are also able to deliver training sessions for induction tutors and mentors, provide advice and guidance on establishing a whole school NQT programme, and organise training events such as our annual NQT conference.

If you have any further questions or would like to train with TESLA, contact us on admin@tesla-tsa.com.